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Excellent update, a big addition to Panzerblitz
Alan Arvold has done a outstanding job here updating Michael Benninghof's Panssari Salama situations and counters for Panzerblitz, including extra counters for do-it-yourselfers.  The update is from 2016.  I have now played five of the Winter Wars situations and all were very interesting and engaging.  They play very differently than the original Panzerblitz situations, and carry the flavor of 1939 in the far north.  I have not yet played any of the four Continuation War situations that take place several years later.

You get to try your skill with ski-troops, aerosans (armed and unarmed ones), sleds w/ reindeer, and taking the risk of crossing frozen water.  

The "feel" of the games are different as well as the tactics.  I found Situation 2 actually a bit scary in the way it portrayed what it meant to have your Soviet forces trapped by the Finns in the far north in December.  I found myself having to make very difficult decisions on which companies to sacrifice in order to save others.  For me, this situation had a much more somber tone to it than the similar Korsun Pocket situation in the original game.  I played it twice.

Camelot has done Panzerblitz enthusiasts a great service.  Instead of having to make everything yourself, they provide all of the counters and the quality winter boards that look fantastic.  All you need are the original Panzerblitz rules  and a die (the supplemental rules for new units and extreme winter conditions are provided).  Camelot even provides most of the additional counters in Mr. Arvold's description.  Even the eight blank Finnish counters required for Situation 4 are included.

A LOT of work has gone into developing these situations, updating them, and providing them for purchase.  I am grateful to all parties involved.  They have caused me to spend many days reading up on these wars.  I now have ideas for two more situations and all of the counters that I will need for them.

Thank you to Byron Henderson, Michael Benninghof, Alan Arvold, and Camelot Games.
phackin | 2/19/2020 11:00 PM
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