Blitzkrieg - Blitz World Map for 5/8in counters

A larger stunning make over of the original game map.
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Printed at 300dpi on 45lb chart paper and laminated for durability. This brilliant map brings new life to an old favorite. The map is composed of 4 maps, each are 30 inches square of printed material. A thin white margin is added to two sides of each map, so that when assembled there is a thin margin around the entire map making the finished map size pretty close to 72in square.

Designed for 5/8in counters the hex sides need to be at least .75in across, on this map they measure .89in so there is a little room to spare.

The best way to connect the maps is like this: align two map sections face up and use three strips of tape to hold them in place. Flip the two maps over on a large table. Take a roll of 2in packing tape and tape one end to the oposite side of the table and unroll enough tape to cover the map sections holding the roll a couple feet above the table. Slide the two map sections under the tape and align the seam to the tape. When correctly positioned lower the roll to the table and smooth the tape out along the seam starting in the middle using a cloth. Trim the tape that hangs over the map edges with a pair of scissors. Repeat for the other two map sections and then again for the complete map. Carefully remove the tape from the front of the map being careful not to seperate the lamination from the paper. Use double sided tape to mount to a table or metal sheet on a wall.

Original Map: Link

Original Counters: Link

Original Charts: Link