Air Assault on Cyprus +Variant counters

Variant game pieces for Air Assault on Crete board game.
$11.00 excl tax

These game pieces are printed at 600dpi, single side laminated plastic, that are cut completely through for easy removal. They still require a sharp hobby knife and a pair of scisors because the lamination will stretch. Snapping forward and backward on a single game piece from a strip works well also. These are water proof, and very durable. They are thicker and heavier than usual (.067in) and are easy to pick up. They stack better than the originals too.

I noted that the designers added a company of Pz IV tanks, so I took the liberty of adding a company of Pz V and Pz VI tanks also. These would be convoy only tanks for later war scenarios. The Gigant glider/air transport could only handle a single Pz II or Pz 35(t) and by that late in the war they were pretty useless.

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