Blitzkrieg Replacement Counters - pick your colors

Replacement game pieces for the Blitzkrieg board game.
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Here's where it gets crazy - you pick the background colors and text colors for a single sheet. Specify a web hex color like #000000 for Black, #FFFFFF for white, #007206 for dark green, etc. Use this color wheel to come up with the colors you want - Link. Remember the the original sheets for Blue and Red are slightly different. Declare which one of the two you want. Specify your colors and text colors in the order comments or in a followup email. Popular text colors are Black #000000, White #FFFFFF, and Yellow #FFF000

These replacement game pieces are printed at 600dpi, double sided, laminated plastic, that are cut completely through for easy removal. They still require a sharp hobby knife and a pair of scisors because the lamination will streach. Snapping forward and backward on a single game piece from a strip works well also. These are water proof, and very durable. They are thicker and heavier than usual (.067in) and are easy to pick up.

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