Circus Maximus Miniature Chariot - 1in

Replacement game pieces for the Circus Maximus board game in one inch scale metal miniatures.
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The promoter of the North Texas RPG Convention commissioned an artist to come up with 15mm scale miniature figures for the Circus Maximus board game designed for a 1in grid. Each order is for one player set, unpainted, and un-assembled. You will need to paint, and glue the set to use it. The horses are removable, so you can leave dead ones on the track. You get 3 wheels, 2 spikes (that can be made removable), four horses, and parts for a complete chariot with rider, one wrecked chariot, and a dragged rider. These were a limited edition run of 100 and supplies will run out, and they have - twice! Back in stock again!

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