Civilization Original Eastern Variant Map

A reproduction of the original eastern expansion map. Links for the AST and Advancement cards are on the related Original Eastern Expansion counter page.
$18.00 excl tax

Printed at 300dpi on 45lb chart paper and laminated for durability. This brilliant map brings new life to an old favorite. It matches up to the original game board.

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Advanced Civilization Original Eastern Expansion set

4 sets of game pieces for the original Eastern Expansion of Advanced Civilization board game. Original Eastern Expansion map sold separately. AST chart and Advancement cards are a free download.
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Civilization Advanced Trade Cards

This set of Civilization Trade cards matches the cards released with the Advanced game, with a spare of each type. Calamities are in full color now, calamities have Tan backs. The original game cards are still needed to play.
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Civilization Trade Card Expansion

This set of Civilization Trade cards can be used with either the Original or Advanced game. It contains a new commodity for each card stack.
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Advanced Civilization Barbarian

Replacement game pieces for the Civilization, Advanced Civilization, or Expanded Civilization board game.
$14.00 excl tax