Ketsu-Go / Olympic 5/8in Counter Set

Larger counters for the game - 5/8in
$65.00 excl tax

These larger counters are easier to read, but also require a larger map. Double sided, laminated, cut plastic.

5/8in scale, requires a larger map to play on.

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Ketsu-Go / Olympic Map for 5/8in counters

This is a larger version of the game map designed to fit 5/8in counters.
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Ketsu-Go / Olympic Large Map - 1in Hexes

This is the largest version of the game map we can print - with 1in hexes.
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Afrika Korps Variant and Replacement Counters

Replacement game pieces for the Afrika Korps board game.
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Ketsu-Go / Olympic board game

This game is a ziplock version of the boxed board game. You get a 22x35 non-laminated chart paper map folded into the 9x12 bag, with printed rules, charts, and 2 sheets of double sided game pieces.
$95.00 excl tax