Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting

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Full Title Campaign Setting
ISBN13 9781601251121
Publisher Paizo Pub Llc
Authors Carey
F. Wesley
Edition Brdgm
Publish Date 2008-09-09
Binding Hardcover
Subjects Games
Role Playing & Fantasy

First Edition. A campaign rulebook for Pathfinder tabletop RPG, this copy is in excellent condition and comes with a giant pull-out poster map. This book covers the Inner Sea World. Published by Diamond Comic Distributors 2008 Fine Condition. Comes with a separate, fold-out map of the Inner Sea region.
Detailed sections on more than 40 Inner Sea nations - from the barbaric frontiers of Varisia to the devil-tainted cities of Cheliax to the frigid Hold of the Mammoth Lords - provide a full picture of the world of Golarion, with new rules, new magic and spells, detailed descriptions of more than 30 gods and their religions, plus the map.

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