Roman Coins

Roman Coins for any game.
$26.00 excl tax

24 M Coins with Julius Caesar praying to Venus value 1000

12 D Coins with Hadrian value 500

22 C Coins with Augustus value 100

12 L Coins with Trajan value 50

22 X Coins with Vesta value 10

12 V Coins with Julius Caesar value 5

22 I Coins with Mercury value 1

126 coins with total value of 33102

Coins are double sided

Circular game pieces are the most difficult to remove fromt he sheet. Flexing the sheet, almost snapping the frame provides a good start.

These replacement game pieces are printed at 600dpi, double sided, laminated plastic, that are cut completely through for easy removal. They still require a sharp hobby knife and a pair of scisors because the lamination will streach. Snapping forward and backward on a single game piece from a strip works well also. These are water proof, and very durable. They are thicker and heavier than usual (.067in) and are easy to pick up.

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