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Totally Worth the price!
I purchased this Circus Maximus Map a few years ago.   We had it out this past weekend with 7 players and several friends commented on how much better the game was with this large map.  This prompted me to look up where I bought it and now review it.  We also bought the metal horses and chariots and had a friend paint them.  Having all these visuals, along with a crowd noise track playing in the background, everyone was really getting into the game.

I had been storing this map rolled up in a cardboard shipping tube - mistake!  I had to tape the map onto the table to keep it from rolling back up.  I now store this map behind the bookshelf that holds our games.  I clipped 2 office binder clips on one short side with pieces of non-slip grip mat.  The grip mat keeps the binder clips from sliding off the map.   Then I made a loop with a twist tie through one side of each loop on the clip and threaded a dowel rod through the twist tie and tightened them up.  With everything off the top of the bookcase, I feed the map down behind the bookcase.  The dowel rod keeps the map from sliding out of reach and makes a handy handle for pulling it out.  Storing it this way keeps the map flat, clean, and out the way.
jennliner1@gmail.com | 1/24/2022 9:57 AM
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You can also reverse roll the map and put it back into the tube for a few hours to remove the curl. I usually just use some packing tape on the corners to tape the map down anyway. Peals right off if you do it right.