Computer version of Caesar in Gaul in Beta...

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Beta version of Caesar in Gaul computer game is ready, and a free download. LINK

Strategy guide is here - LINK

Additionally there are some undocumented features in the game.

Siege Report - click the image of the siege hex on the report and the unit popup window for that hex opens.

Combat - right click on a cavalry sets it to charge, and will return it to the reserve after the combat round.

Say you are the Gaul player and are attacking. It automatically puts 3 12-3 heavy infantry in your front line.
You want to save them for defense, not take them as losses.
Click on the unit you want to remove from the front line - it becomes highlighted, then click on the unit in the reserve you want to replace
it with.
Also useful for the Roman player when they have allied units and an allied leader - replace a more valuable unit with a 5-5 light infantry.
Then it can take the 2 step loss with an AL1/DL1 result against Gaul heavy infantry.
You can also swap out a Roman heavy cavalry for a light cavalry to save the larger unit for cleaning up routed units later in the combat

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