Civilization Trade Card New Variants

This set of Civilization Trade cards can be used with either the Original or Advanced game. It contains two new commodities that get their own card stacks.
$4.00 excl tax

This set of Civilization Trade cards are double sided, printed at 600dpi on card stock, laminated, and hand cut with corners trimmed. The look and feel of these cards is different than the cards that came with the original game, you will likely want to replace the other game cards as well.

This set of new variants introduces Slaves and Tools, with two new calamities - Trade Embargo, and Trade War.

These new commodities get their own card stacks.

The Slave Revolt calamity goes at the bottom of the Slaves card stack. Every time a player sacks a city by combat, they draw a Slave trade card. The Trade War replaces the Slave Revolt card in the normal #4 card stack.

The Trade Embargo calamity goes on the bottom of the Tools card stack. Each player with the Metalworking Advancement draws a Tools card each turn.

#4 Trade War -  You may not trade with any player you have units adjecent to  this turn.

#2 Trade Embargo - You may not trade with one player this turn (Chosen at random)